Talbot Tour

Hunter's Moon

Friday 10th September 2021

Packing Kelda again we are off for a weekend break at Hunter's Moon CP, near Wareham. With the packing done last night we had an easy start. With a drive of just under two hours we made good time, stopping at a supermarket for steak and salad.

At Poole the A31 showed a 16 minute delay so we dropped through Poole and saved 12 minutes. Arriving at Hunter's Moon we checked in and found a pitch. Leaving our Motorhome sign out we went and filled the water tank. Back at the pitch we leveled Kelda and got the chairs out for lunch.

Spent the afternoon chilling and exploring the campsite area. We found the back gate that goes out onto The Wareham Forest Way.

Then dinner of macaroni bolognese. A one pot wonder meal served with an ice cold Pinot Grigio or lemonade. After washing up, it was time for bed.

Saturday 11th September 2021

Up early this morning, breakfast and out. We are riding our electric bikes to Monkey World and have tickets for half ten. Leaving the camp site we rode up the main road for a mile before turning off on to a bridleway. The ground was quite soft and gravelly. Soon the rhododendrons closed in and we were weaving along and ducking under low branches. This was quite challenging for people who don't ride much but we pressed on. We couldn't believe that horses use this route much, the bushes we're so low we had to duck underneath.

After a mile or so the path opened up and we bounced along over rocks and into pot holes. A couple of miles later we arrived at a tarmac road. Two miles later we were back out onto main roads. Then after a total of six miles we arrived at Monkey World.

Chaining the bikes up we entered the ape rescue center and spent four hours wandering around watching the chimps, orangs, cappucins and macaques. We found a picnic bench and had lunch before returning to our bikes for the six mile ride home.

Back at the campsite we found they had freshly baked scones for cream tea so we took some back to Kelda for our afternoon treat.

Later we used the Weber BBQ to cook our steak which we had with Caesar salad.

Sunday 12th September 2021

We started the day with our regular Covid-19 RATs. While we were waiting the 30 minutes we had a cup of tea and checked social media. Then with negative tests we started the day with weetabix for brrakfast.

Climbing onto our bikes we rode the 3 miles in to Wareham. With the sun shining we sat by the River Frome for a while. Then crossing the bridge to Wareham Quay we got a couple of coffees and watched the ducks and boaters.

Making g our way back through town we cut across the golf course and picked up the Sika Trail. A 7 mile route that passes near the campsite. Cycling along gravel tracks was a bit rough for our folding electric bikes but we got to see Sika Deer. Winding our way back to Krlda for a well earned siesta.

Monday 13th September 2021

Up and moving this morning we are homeward bound. Leaving the Caravan park we decided to visit Charmouth on the way. Driving into the carpsrk we got a ticket and went for a walk along the beach. Looking for fossils. Fun but we didn't know what we were doing. We guessed that the broken rocks we what other people had broken open, so we looked for similar rocks.

Back at Kelda we made ham rolls and went and sat a picnic bench for lunch. Then walking the opposite direction up the beach looking for more fossils. With limited success we returned to Kelda with coffee and Dorset Apple Cake.

Driving home up the A303 was slow past Stonehenge. We arrived at half four and emptied Kelda to prepare for next time.


East Anglia

Sunday 15th August 2021

After breakfast we secured the house and departed. Out on to the M3 then the M25. We made good time to the M11. With slowish traffic we passed Stansted and followed the A11 and A14 to Newmarket. Stopping at Tesco for some last minute shopping we pushed onto Ely. Stopping next to The River Great Ouse for lunch of cheese and ham rolls. Then the last 30 minutes into the Sandringham Caravan Club Site.

Setting up our pitch we were soon into tea and cookies. We whiled away the afternoon chatting to our new neighbours. The morning showers had moved away and we needed the awning up because the sun was quite strong.

Monday 16th August 2021

Up at half seven this morning for an early breakfast. We have tickets for Sandringham House at half ten and are not sure how long it will take to cycle there. Leaving Kelda at 09:00, even with a diversion due to bad navigation it only took 30 minutes.

Finding the bike park we chained up the bikes and when the ticket office opened we got our entry tickets. The short walk through the grounds got us to the front door. Wandering through the house looking at all the paintings, ornaments and antique firearms was very interesting.

Back out in the grounds we walked to the stables and grabbed a coffee. Then to Queen Alexander's Nest before finding a picnic spot. With a large queue for the church we decided to head back to Kelda for the afternoon and revisit the church another day.

Tuesday 17th August 2021

A rainy start to the day. With no point in jumping out of bed due to the bad weather we decided on breakfast in bed, how lazy.

After lunch with the rain showers past we hopped on our bikes and rode to the church at Sandringham. After a short visit we continued on to West Newton and the local butcher's shop. Opposite was another church so we popped in for a look.

Riding back to the campsite we had tea and cake whilst chilling. Then dinner and bed. Tomorrow looks to be a nicer day, weather-wise so we plan a busier day.

Wednesday 18th August 2021

Awake by eight, covid tests and breakfast before cycling out of the caravan park. Cutting through the woods to the road to Wolferton. A short ride later we arrived at the Royal Station. It's closed as a station now and a private house but normally open for visitors. However due to covid it's closed even for that. We could still see the platform and signal box.

Retracing our route to the main road we headed towards Castle Rising. After a mile on the main road we came to the cycle path and got out of the traffic. The cycle path cuts across country and cuts out a largish detour. In Castle Rising we found the cafe and stopped for coffee and cake (banana mmm).

With phone signal we caught up with news, e-mail and social media. Moving on we found Castle Rising Castle. Paying the £5 each entry fee we spent an hour wandering around. It's a very good Castle as they go. Eating our picnic lunch in the ruins of the Chapel we perched on the remains of a wall to rest our legs.

The return trip was easy, back to the main road on the cycle path. Crossing the main road took time as it was very busy. Then a short ride back to Kelda and tea. With the bikes on charge we chilled until dinner, steak salad and bed.

Thursday 19th August 2021

After breakfast we left Kelda and waited at the bus stop by the camp site entrance for the number 35 bus to Hunstanton.

It arrived on time and we boarded purchasing a couple of return tickets. Weaving through the villages we took 40 minutes to arrive at Hunstanton bus station.

Walking along the sea front we wore our cagoule as the wind was a little chilly. At the end of the promenade we dropped down on to the beach and spent an hour rock pooling. Back up on the prom we got a coffee and an ice cream to eat while the coffee cooled.

Passing the amusement park we turned inland. After shopping for a few essentials in Tesco the bus was at the bus stop as we exited the shop. Thankfully there were a few people waiting to board so we managed to run to the stop before the bus left. Sitting down grateful that we hadn't missed the bus because it was an hour until the next one.

It was then that we realised that we hadn't checked that this was the number 35 and actually going our way. Checking the route map, it was only when we turned off of the main road that we could relax knowing that this was the correct bus.

Back at Kelda the sun came out and with everyone else out for the day we had nice fast Internet. Spent the rest of the day chilling out.

Friday 20th August 2021

Moving day today. Leaving Sandringham and driving to Great Yarmouth. A leisurely breakfast before securing for the road. With the checklist complete and a stop at the waste disposal point we were on our way.

Cutting south to the A47 through country lanes and villages soon had us heading towards the coast. Stopping at a supermarket outside Norwich to restock food and drink we made good time to Great Yarmouth Racecourse. Checking in we found a good pitch and set up. Two pitches away we found our neighbours from Sandringham who moved yesterday.

Flashing up the Weber BBQ we had a nice fresh chicken schnitzel and caesar salad for dinner.

The clouds broke up during dinner and the sun came out. We sat and relaxed for the evening looking out over the Racecourse.

Saturday 21st August 2021

Leaving Kelda this morning we rode out of the site on our bikes. Turning left at the entrance we were soon on the sea front. Cycling in towards town we arrived at the beginning of the cycle/horse carriage/land train lane. Rolling along past the arcades, fun fairs and gift shops we soon left the tourist area.

Continuing along the seafront we made it to Nelsons Monument, which unfortunately now is an industrial area. The workmen burning rubbish in a skip didn't add much to the grandure, so we snapped a few pictures and moved on.

We decided to continue right to the end of the spit where the river Yare empties into the sea. Weaving past the port area we arrived at a turn-around area at one of the port gates. From here we could see Gorleston-on-sea. Jackie's Grandad's ship was named after Gorleston.

Retracing our route we stopped at a little cafe by The Venetian Waterways and had a coffee. It was now when Martin took of his helmet that we found that the drop of rain he had felt earlier was actually Bird poo that had dropped through a hole in his bike helmet.

Cutting into town we walked through the Minster grounds and graveyard to the River Bure. Cycling along the River to the park with the same name we stopped at a picnic bench for our lunch.

Back through the park to the main road and back to the Racecourse for tea and tiffin. With rain forecast for the afternoon and thunder storms tonight we stowed our chairs and battened down the hatches.

Sunday 22nd August 2021

After very heavy rain at midnight then thunder at six o'clock in the morning we were awake so did our covid tests and had an early cup of tea. At ten o'clock we drove out of the campsite and headed to Lowestoft. Stopping at Ness Point, the furthest point East in the UK, we walked around a bit and took some photos.

Moving in towards the High Street we found a carpark and went exploring. We had read about The Scores that run up the cilff to the town. Finding one "Spurgeon's Score" we walked up it and then along the High Street. At "Martin's Score" we walked back down the steep sloping stairs to where we had started.

Back at Kelda we drove to Gorleston and parked by the lighthouse. Unloading our bikes we cycled along the seafront past the pier and the beach. Stopping under one of the promenade shelters and sitting on a bench for lunch we watched the seals and the lifeboat practicing.

Cycling back along the front at Kelda we loaded up and returned to the caravan park. Emptying our grey water tank at the waste point, as we drove around the site means one less thing to do tomorrow morning. We got back to our pitch just in time to say goodbye to our Yorkshire neighbours, who are driving home today.

Martin's E-bike pedal was breaking towards the end of our ride, making grinding noises in the bearing. So we ordered a replacement pedal set from Amazon, to be delivered to a pick-up locker near Crystal Palace caravan park.

Monday 23rd August 2021

Moving day again, Great Yarmouth to Crystal Palace. After breakfast we packed up and cleared our pitch. Leaving it cleaner than when we arrived. Driving out of the racecourse we queued to get out of Great Yarmouth, but once clear we made good time. Stopping for shopping near Norwich, we soon arrived at the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Turning on to the A2 London bound we reached the South Circular.

As we approached Catford we noticed an articulated truck blocking the road at the next junction. It looks like a biker had gone under the wheels of the turning truck. As there were lots of people helping the rider, we skipped around the traffic queue by ducking down a side road. Pulling back out onto the South Circular half a mile down the road we carried on. The traffic going the other way was stationary and it was just us going our way.

Pulling into Crystal Palace we checked in and found our pitch. We managed to get a refill on our LPG cylinder. Then at about 2 o'clock Martin got a message to say that his pedals were ready for collection.

With the bikes on charge and the new pedals fitted we will be ready for tomorrow's outing. Steak and salad for dinner and an early night.

Tuesday 24th August 2021

After a relaxed start we spent a good few hours riding around the grounds of Crystal Palace. Finding the Sphinx and the Dinosaurs.

We sat on one of the many picnic beaches for our lunch before returning to Kelda. It's all up hill to the caravan park up by the mast.

An afternoon of housekeeping and an icecream followed. Also some chilling out and watching the arriving campers. Some have it sorted, others, well let's just call it entertaining.

Wednesday 25th August 2021

We decided to leave the bikes today and walk around Crystal Palace grounds, so we could do the bits we missed yesterday. We won't have to worry about locking the bikes up while we explore. Cutting down Old Cople Lane to the end we came out in the top corner of the park. Walking down to the maze, we found it open, yesterday the staff were pruning so we couldn't go in. Finding our way through the maze was easy enough and as we neared the centre we heard the ground staff arrive. We finished and left by the "Escape Gate" just as the workers were getting ready to start work.

Following the paths around the perimeter we found the Secret Garden and strolled through. There were bug boxes and magnifying glasses set out so we assumed that some kids would be having fun soon.

Moving on we grabbed a coffee at the cafe and relaxed in the sun for a while. Then passing the Dinosaurs we got near the farm and found a very large goat and some llamas eating the hedge by the path.

Making our way back up the hill we arrived at the Sphinx stairs and sat beside a Sphinx and ate our lunch. Then it was a short walk back to Kelda.

Thursday 26th August 2021

Packing up today for the last leg home. A splash and dash of enough fuel to get home and out into London traffic. Following Sat nav we ran through various back roads before hitting the A3.

Over the M25 and through Guildford and a stop at Tesco to stock up with food. Then we were home. Parking Kelda and emptying her for cleaning in preparation of the next trip.



Friday 2nd July 2021

Packing Kelda and heading out we joined the M4 westward. At Swindon we got notification that the M4 was closed. Dropping off onto "A" roads we passed huge queues of cars and trucks coming in the opposite direction trying to get around the closure.

Cutting through very narrow country lanes we avoided the delays and arrived in Bath in good time. Stopping for lunch of sandwiches in a lay-by we arrived at the Waterside Caravan park on time to check in.

Setting up took no time at all. Then it was kettle on for tea and coffee with cookies. After a few hours chilling it was time to flash up the Webber BBQ. Steak and caesar salad for dinner.

With the sun setting it was time for bed.

Saturday 3rd July 2021

Had a small leak in Kelda's rooflight at 04:00hrs due to extremely heavy rain. After sorting the problem we got a few more hours sleep. Up at half seven and our usual camping breakfast of weetabix and fruit followed by rasin toast and tea.

Mounting our electric bikes we sallied forth into Bath. Cycling along the River Avon towpath we neared the city we cut away from the river and found a bike park near the Abbey. Securing our bikes with more locks than Houdini used in his acts, we sat and had a coffee at the Cornish Bakery and waited for our entry time into the baths.

The visit to the baths was very interesting. When we left we walked to Pulteney Bridge and the weir. Then lunch in town before moving on.

Back on our bikes we got to the Royal Crescent. After a photo shoot and riding around the crescent over the cobbles we dropped back down to the River and along the towpath back to Kelda. Putting our steeds on charge we put our feet up for a well earned rest.

While we were relaxing we saw a motorhome repair van turn up and start sealing someone else's roof. Obviously we weren't the only ones to have a leak last night.

Sunday 4th July 2021

After breakfast we set out on the Bath "Two Tunnels Trail". Cycling along the River to the first bridge we crossed and picked up the "Linear Park" that follows a disused railway line. After a while we entered "Devonshire Tunnel" (447 yards). That was dark then shortly after into "Combe Down Tunnel" (1828 yards), the longest cycle/walking tunnel in Britain.

Following the directions we soon arrived at "Dundas Aqueduct" and "Brass Knocker Basin". Stopping for a rest and a photo opportunity in a nice location.

Moving on we followed the Kennet and Avon Canal in a big loop back to Bath. Leaving the canal at Sydney Gardens we cut through The Holburne Museum grounds and over Pulteney Bridge. Then back through town and along the River to the campsite.

Washing the mud and sweat off and getting into clean clothes helped us relax for the afternoon.

Monday 5th July 2021

Packing up we left Bath, avoiding the clean air zone. Two hours later we arrived home.


Blenheim Palace

Friday 28th May 2021

After collecting Kelda from the garage, we loaded and departed Home. North to the M4 and on to the A34. Tomtom indicated a 15 minute delay passing Oxford so we dropped of the main road. Driving the back lanes we were soon at Bladon.

Checking in we found a pitch and set up. Unfortunately our water pump decided to take this opportunity to stop working. A short troubleshooting session proved that it wasn't just a fuse so we will improvise by filling jugs and bottles. Steak and caesar salad for dinner.

With a nice new bedding set we settled down for the night.

Saturday 29th May 2021

Up at 07:30, wash and breakfast and ready to leave by nine. Cycling to Blenheim Palace we parked our bikes and walked around the outside of the house until our timed entry into the palace.

Strolling through the rooms looking at the paintings and china on display. After half an hour we left through the Chapel and entered the Winston Churchill exhibition. This was very interesting with all sorts of personal effects.

It was now time to make our way to the Jousting arena. Grabbing a coffee and cookie on the way we sat on our pac-a-macs right beside the arena. The other spectators abided by the 2 metre social distancing rules. First were a couple of jesters juggling and doing fire tricks, then the main event. Four knights on horseback displaying various skills and then a series of jousts.

With that over we got a late lunch before visiting the stables. Then the short ride back to Kelda for coffee and chill. Chicken schnitzel and salad for dinner sat outside on a beautiful evening.

As it was warm Martin opened some of the windows then later forgetting that he had, he walked into one and gashed his face, "sirry iriot". Patched up we relaxed for the night.

Sunday 30th May 2021

Awake early again, breakfast and off to Blenheim Palace. Parking our bikes in the bike racks again we walked in and got an early coffee.

After coffee we walked down to the River Glyme and along the path beside it. Passing the boat shed we saw a muntjac deer before it disappeared into the undergrowth. Getting past the mother Geese was scary, they have young goslings and are very protective.

Arriving at the Cascades we snapped a few photographs before moving on to the Rose garden. There are a lot more leaves than last time and even a few early roses. We continued to the walled garden and entered the hedge maze. It's about a mile and a half through the maze. We arrived at the big central area and then retraced our steps back out. At the top of one of the bridges we noticed that there is a direct exit, straight out from the centre of the maze. So we had completed the maze for a second time completely unnecessarily.

Back at our bikes we brought a well deserved ice cream, then rode back to the caravan park. We spent the rest of the day chilling out and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

After dinner we sat out with a drink or two before bed.

Monday 31st May 2021

Last day, so cup of tea in bed before getting up for breakfast. Packing up didn't take long and we were soon on the road home.


Cornwall 2nd Attempt

Sunday 18th April 2021

Securing the house we left at eight o'clock. Joining the M3 West we passed Basingstoke and turned onto the A303. With light traffic we sailed past Stonehenge and arrived at Exeter Services two and a half hours later.

After a coffee and a muffin we got back on the road. Passing Okehampton we were soon on the country roads heading for the North Cornish coast. Pulling into Trewethett Farm Caravan Club we joined the queue to check in.

We were looking for a pitch when a man parked on a pitch told us he was just leaving. As it was a pitch right on the cliff edge we were delighted and placed our marker on the peg to reserve it.

After a short wait the man drove to the exit and used his pass to open the gate, when he drove out we took the pass and drove in to our pitch. Setting up didn't take long and having completed the Covid-19 check in we settled down for tea and biscuits.

At half six the chip van turned up but as they had already cooked scampi in their fryer we decided not to risk the allergy.

After fajitas for dinner and watching the sunset we settled down for the night, it was cold but our oil filled radiator kept us warm through the night.

Monday 19th April 2021

After breakfast we decided to attempt to walk the costal path to Tintagel. The first obstacle was Rocky Valley. A steep descent to a foot bridge over the creek and a long climb back up the other side.

After two hours of walking on very rough tracks we made it to the cafe at Tintagel, stopping for a well earned coffee, cake and sit down.

While eating lunch we booked tickets to visit Tintagel Castle. With a booking number we walked halfway up the road to town to find the entrance. Then up again to the top of the castle.

Crossing the bridge to the second half of the castle, we climbed again to the plateau and found the sculpture of King Arthur. After exploring for a while we descended to the beach and Merlin's cave. The tide had just gone out enough so we could enter the cave.

Leaving the beach we had to slog up the road to the town again. The second half was even steeper. Finding the bus stop to catch a bus back to the campsite we waited, but no bus arrived.

With another couple waiting for the same bus we booked a taxi and for £4 per couple we were back at Kelda. Exhausted and footsore we ate dinner and retired for the night.

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Having decided to relax today after yesterday's expedition we had a late breakfast sitting outside looking out over the sea. With the washing up done we sat down to chill.

After five minutes sitting we changed plans and set out for a walk. Walking down into Rocky Valley we followed the footpath alongside the Brook. Spotting the petroglyphs at the ruined mill we continued to the road.

Crossing the road and up the steep hill until we found the footpath over a stone style. This led down to the woodland walk to St Nectan's Glen. We had lunch and coffee in the Tree of Life Cafe before visiting the waterfall.

Fortunately we brought our flip-flops and a towel as we had to wade in the stream to get to the waterfall. It was worth it as it's a special waterfall.

After an ice cream we walked back to the Kelda by way of a little Chapel. Then later it was BBQ time before bed.

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Weather forecast for today is rain at 14:00 so we are staying on the campsite. Brunch cooked on the BBQ, egg in fried bread and bacon butties. Then housework to keep Kelda tidy.

Sitting in the sun chilling and watching the St Marks Flies hovering in the light breeze.

In the afternoon the cloud built but the showers skirted around our site but the cloud made it cooler so we had afternoon tea inside Kelda.

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Very windy last night. At 06:00 the wind blew our tables over so Martin had to get out of bed to sort them out. Breakfast at 08:00. By nine o'clock we were ready to leave.

Wearing our cagoules to protect us from the wind we set out on the coast path to Boscastle. The first mile was fairly easy. Arriving at the Ladies Window we sat on a handy bench for a while before snapping a few photographs.

Moving on the path got sightly harder, up and down steep, uneven steps. At Boscastle Lookout we found a bench down the path that was out of the wind and ate our picnic lunch. Homemade caesar salad wraps.

Dropping down into Boscastle we walked up through town stopping for a Cornish cream tea at the Toby Jug Cafe. Then after shopping in the Boscastle Pottery we waited at the bus stop for a lift home.

The bus arrived on time and for £2.50 each we were soon dropped off at the end of the campground drive.

Back at Kelda for tea and cake and an afternoon of chilling.

Friday 23rd April 2021

Well that was a fun night. Wind 35 km/h, Kelda was rockin'n'rollin all night. We still managed to sleep. When we woke up at least five campers had deserted the site. We expect to see quite a few second hand mobile homes for sale in the near future. Camping isn't all easy.

With strong winds we decided against walking to the local tea room for a cream tea as we would have to sit outside and had a cream tea in Kelda instead.

Cleaning the BBQ took the afternoon so it doesn't stink up our living space. Then chilling and listening to music as the sun set.

It will be just as windy tonight so securing ship before lights out was very important.

Saturday 24th April 2021

Another windy night. No damage or problems, although a couple of times it sounded like the skylight was being ripped off. We were awake at seven so decided to have tea and biscuits in bed.

At about eleven o'clock we thought we had gone deaf as all of a sudden we could no longer hear the buffeting of the wind. The wind had died right down so we sat out for lunch even though the light wind was chilly.

An afternoon of preparing for moving tomorrow. Kelda is clean and tidy and ready. After dinner on the edge of the cliff, we stowed all the chairs and tables. That means less to do in the morning.

We spent the evening in the living area watching the sea and sun. This site has a fabulous outlook. We have thoroughly enjoyed our week here and move on tomorrow with memories and sore legs and feet.

Sunday 25th April 2021

Moving day. After a quick breakfast we ran through our check list, ditched our rubbish and dumped our grey water. Driving out of Trewethett Farm after a fabulous week we wound through the country lanes to the A30.

An hour and fifteen minutes later we pulled off of the M5 into Cullompton and a Tesco store for fuel and provisions. Back on the road we soon came to a stop where a motorcycle had been involved in a RTC. All lanes had to filter into the outside lane so we were delayed about fifteen minutes.

Clearing the traffic queue we made good time to Oxford and Bladon Chains. Pulling in to the caravan park we checked in and found a nice pitch. Topping up our fresh water we settled in. There are not many people here as there are no facilities open. So it's very quiet, nice.

Steak cooked on the BBQ and caesar salad for dinner and then chilling out in the evening sunshine. When the temperature dropped we retired to Kelda and watched the sunset through the rear windows.

Monday 26th April 2021

With ticket to Blenheim Palace booked for ten o'clock, we had set an alarm for eight. Waking up 15 minutes early we turned on the hot water and hot air heating. At eight we got up in the warm and had a nice wash before breakfast.

Breaking the e-bikes out we rode up the cycle path to the Palace entrance and showing our booking we were soon riding along towards the Palace while the cars had to park and their drivers and passengers had to walk.

Securing our bikes in the bike stand we picked up our annual passes from the ticket office and walked into the gardens. After an hour and a half we brought a coffee from the cafe and sat in the courtyard drinking it.

Then we walked across the Grand Bridge and around the Queen Pool. Halfway we found a bench and sat eating our picnic.

Returning to the ticket office we used the facilities, well the campsites facilities are closed. Then back on our bikes we rode to the church in Bladon and Winston Churchill's Grave.

Cycling back to Kelda we had a cup of tea before remembering we needed butter. So back on the bikes for a quick trip into Woodstock. With the butter and a few extras we returned to the campsite. With chicken schnitzel cooked on our Weber BBQ and caesar salad for dinner we sat back and enjoyed the last warmth of the day before bed.

Tuesday 27th April 2021

Nice lazy start this morning. Leaving Kelda at eleven o'clock for the short bike ride to Blenheim. We have annual tickets, so why not?

Coffee in the cafe and 15 minutes of wifi Internet use as the mobile data coverage at the campsite is patchy. Then a stroll through the grounds to the Pleasure gardens. Finding a sheltered bench in the Walled garden we had lunch before returning to our bikes.

Returning to Kelda we had dinner before the rain started. The first rain we have had since we left home nine days ago. With all our chairs, tables and BBQ already packed away for tomorrow's drive we sat back and listened to the rain.

With total cloud cover we will not see the Pink Supermoon tonight so we settled down for the night.

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Last day of our trip today. We are meeting our niece Sam on the way home. So after breakfast tidying and securing Kelda for the drive. Leaving the campsite at about ten we drove into town and grabbed a coffee.

Meeting Sam for the first time in a couple of years we had a quality catch up. Then it was time for the hour and a half drive home and the end of another successful outing.



Sunday 23rd October 2020

Leaving home for the three and a half hour drive to Cornwall. We stopped at a cafe on the A303 for breakfast.

Arriving at Trewethett Farm Caravan Park in the pouring rain we were handed a map showing the available pitches. Walking down the slope to the first pitch the map desolved into papermache. Even without the map we found a nice pitch and popped our piece of drain pipe on the peg to reserve it.

Setting up in the rain we got soaked but got it done. Inside Kelda looked like a laundry as we hung our wet clothes out to dry. Running the warm-air heating to help them dry.

We cooked dinner and settled in for the night.

Monday 24th October 2020

After a rough night, Martin had food poisoning and was making the trip to the toilet block every 20 minutes all through the night.

With Martin not feeling any better we decided to cancel the trip and head home. Four hours later we were back home and two days later Martin got better.



Sunday 4th October 2020

Last minute loading of food in the refrigerator and we were off. Two hours to Birmingham and a stop at Wedges Bakery just off the M42 at Hockley Heath. Very popular with a dozen motorcyclists having a breakfast stop. Buying breakfast rolls and some for lunch we were tempted by the cakes.

Back on the road, three hours later we arrived at Troutbeck Head Caravan Park. Checking in we also got a refill for our Gas. Picking a pitch by the beck we settled in, even though it was raining we were soon comfortable.

Afternoon and evening relaxing before bed.

Monday 24th August 2020

After a lazy start and breakfast, as it was a sunny but cool day we took our bikes for a ride down to Aria Force waterfall. The roads are very hilly and the battery assist got a massive workout.

Arriving at the carpark we locked our bikes and walked to the falls. After taking a few photographs we walked back towards the carpark. Spotting a nice rock outcrop we decided to have a picnic. After 5 minutes there was a scuffle noise behind us. Looking over our shoulders to see a grey horse stood within a couple of feet of us. He was under the impression that people picnicking should share.

Back at our bikes we rode back to the campsite. We spent the afternoon recharging the bikes and watching the sheep that had been herded into the field next to us. They were being shawn and wormed.

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Moving on today so up early at 07:00. Packed up and on the road by eight. Storm Francis caused a change in plans, we are leaving later as viewing opportunities will be limited by the rain and wind. Driving back to the M6 we stopped for fuel before joining the motorway north bound for Scotland.

Slogging through the torrential rain we reached Glasgow and pulled in for a vehicle check. We found a wet patch on the bed quilt caused by the very heavy rain being forced up under the roof light. Stripping the bedding and hanging it around inside the van didn't take long. Placing a plastic sheet on the bed in case more water gets in and we were on the road again.

The road up past Loch Lomond to Glenco was more sheltered so no more water got in. We had plenty of time to look at the scenery as the other traffic decided that 45mph in a sixty limit was fast enough. With long queues of vehicles, overtaking was pointless. Arriving in Bunree we checked in and found a pitch right beside Loch Linnhe. The view is beautiful if a bit rainy at the moment.

We managed to spill a cup of tea so had to do a load of washing in the laundrette. We ran out of change for the tumble dryer before the clothes were completely dry so the inside of Kelda looked like Widow Twankies Laundry. With the hot air heating on it shouldn't take long to finish drying them.

Wednesday 26th August 2020

After a leisurely breakfast the rain eased off at about ten o'clock so we packed a lunch and put our raincoats on and went for a walk. Across the main road and into the little village of Inchree. Walking up to the carpark we found the trail markers for the waterfall walk. Beside the path we found some Smurfs had made a home.

Slowly climbing up hill we came to a side track and descended tothe falls. Making our way back to the carpark we found a picnic bench and sat to eat. Within ten seconds the Midgies appeared so we decided to eat whilst walking. Funnily enough you can out walk a midgie even at a slow stroll.

Back at Kelda and the sun came out so we got our recliners out and sat with tea and cake, enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

With the sun going down and the Midgies appearing it was time to retire to Kelda for dinner and bed.

Thursday 27th August 2020

Trip into Fort William today. Putting out our place keeper we drove the 20 miles into town. Parking in the West carpark. We walked through town. Picking up a couple of items. As we couldn't find a place to get coffee we walked back to Kelda

Driving through town and out towards Spean Bridge we pulled into Ben Nevis Range Centre. Parking we got a coffee in the Pinemarten Cafe. We then decided to try the Cablecar up Ben Nevis. Paying the £20.50 each we rode to the top station. After looking around for a while we descended again and drove to Spean Bridge. Out the other side we arrived at the "Commando Memorial" and stopped in the carpark.

After looking at the statue and the memorials we ate our lunch before returning to our camp site. House keeping chores toilet cassette needs emptying. Then showers before it gets too busy.

Friday 28th August 2020

Waking early we ate breakfast and struck camp, going to Edinburgh today. Driving out of the site and back through Glenco the weather today was better than the trip in so we got to enjoy the scenery. Two hours drive got us to Falkirk where we stopped at the Falkirk Wheel. Waiting for a while we saw a canal boat ascend the wheel.

Back in Kelda it was only 20 minutes to Helix Park and the Kelpies. After wandering around and taking photos we left for the half hour drive to Edinburgh. Stopping for provisions at an out of town shopping centre we restocked for the next few days.

Driving into town we arrived at the caravan park and setup camp. The sun came out so we sat out enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Saturday 29th August 2020

Breakfast and out this morning. Breaking out the bikes for our outing today. Leaving the park at nine o'clock we followed the route on our cycling app "CycleStreets" set to "Quietest Route" for the 5 mile ride to the Ocean Terminal. This is where the Royal Yacht Britannia is mored as a floating Museum.

The ride was fun. Most of the route was along a disused railway converted to a cycle/ foot path. Arriving at the Ocean Terminal we found the first of six "Six Times" Anthony Gormley statues. Then securing our bikes with five locks we went in for coffee.

After coffee we found the entrance to Britannia, it's on the third floor. Showing our ticket we entered the gangway and dropped down one level to start the tour on the bridge. Weaving our way down through the ship we stopped at the cafe. For a RY Britannia cream tea, with fruit scone, jam and clotted cream. Very nice in a silver teapot and best china.

Leaving Britannia it took ten minutes to remove and stow the five locks. We headed out to see the other 5 of the six Gormleys. They follow and are in the Waters of Leith, the local river. So we followed the river footpath as much as possible. Crossing and re-crossing the river we found the next three. Then a steep up hill to the fifth set deep in the pavement with just his head and chest visible.

That left just one to get. This entailed descending about 80 rough steps back to the river and there he was by a weir. Then it was time to head back to kelda. Yes you guessed it up another 80 steps pushing our bikes to get up to the disused railway that takes us back to the camp site. Then it was just a matter of cycling the last 5 miles home. After 15 miles we arrived back at Kelda for tea and cake. Tired aching but pleased with our day out.

Sunday 30th August 2020

Easy start this morning. After a leisurely breakfast we decided to cycle along the coast to Cramond Causeway. The path along the seafront is wide and well surfaced so it was an easy ride. At the causeway the tide had turned and was rising. As there wasn't enough time for us to cross and return before the causeway flooded we made do with sitting and watching the people hurrying back to the mainland.

After a while we cycled up river to Cramond Falls where we stopped for a coffee and cake. Taking pictures of the falls and ruins we retraced our route to the seafront for a picnic. Then a short ride back to Kelda.

Monday 31st August 2020

Moving day again.
After shopping, fueling Kelda and getting two coffees for the road we left Edinburgh through town and down the A1. Arriving in Whitley Bay at twelve we parked in a carpark until 12:45. Driving to the caravan park we were the fourth in the queue to check in. We found a pitch near the sea and settled Kelda in, just in time for tea and cake.

With our home set up we decided to go for a walk to the lighthouse. With the sun shining it was nice and warm out of the wind. It was only a mile and we sat on one of the benches for a while before returning to Kelda for the evening.

Watching the moon rise over the North Sea was beautiful.

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Up with the sunrise, a beautiful day with calm sea and little wind. Striking camp and dropping our key in the disinfectant we were back on the road. Picking up the A19 into Newcastle we drove through the Tyne Tunnel and south to Darlington. Stopping at the Brick Train for a photo opportunity then next door to Morrisons for shopping.

Back on the road we made short work of the two hour drive and found a lay-by overlooking Sheffield for lunch. With only sheep for company we enjoyed a relaxed lunch. We arrived at Chatsworth Caravan Club ten minutes before one and only waited five minutes for the chain to be opened.

At the gate we were met by a member of staff who checked that we had a reservation and told us to find a pitch and then go to the office to pay. Normally you check in and pay then find a pitch. We found a spot right at the back of the park and settled in.

After a while we went for a walk, letting ourselves out through the secret gate into Chatsworth House grounds.

Strolling through the grounds to the house, bridge and bower we snapped a few photographs. Returning to Kelda for the evening.

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

With tickets booked for Chatsworth House at 10:45 we could afford a lazy start, so a cup of tea in bed before getting up. Got to love campervans.

After breakfast we let ourselves out of the secret gate and walked to the house. As we were a little early we sat in the sunshine and people watched. Just before our ticket time we went to the entrance. We spent the next hour touring the house before exiting through the gift shop.

After a coffee we wandered around the gardens. Checking out the cascade, the fountain and the rockery. Now that's a rockery, half a mountain of stones piled up in groups. Returning to Kelda we got back just before the rain started.

We chilled out watching the commings and goings and people struggling to park and put up their awnings. At five we walked the mile into town where we had a reservation at the Prince of Wales, slightly pricey but well worth the money. With full stomachs we walked back to Kelda and got settled for the night.

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Leaving Chatsworth we drove up to Derwent Dam, where the Dambusters practiced. Then on into Sheffield and the Meadowhall shopping centre for lunch. In the afternoon onto friends in Rotherham for a meal and a catch up. Then a night on their drive before the last drive home tomorrow.



Monday 15th April 2019

Collecting "Kelda" today. Martin got dropped off at Junction 40 of the M6 and Jackie heading north on the train to Penrith Station.

Collecting Kelda we paid the last instalment and she was ours. Driving to the supermarket in Penrith and stocked up with food for two days. Continuing on into the Lake District we drove down Ulswater and found a lay-by beside the lake.

We spent the next three hours opening and shutting cupboards and drawers. We then got the gas turned on so we could start the fridge and the heating. How posh, camping with heating. Then it was time for tea and cake.

Tonight's dinner is chicken rolls. Made by Jackie, using the cooked chicken from Morrisons. With the wind howling outside and a veiw out over the lake we settled down for the evening. Martin with a lemonade and Jackie with a chilled Pinot Grigio.

Then it was dark and time for bed. The wind died down at about ten o'clock. With only cheapo sleeping bags it got a bit chilly but we have blown air central heating, ooo nice!

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Waking up at half seven we ate breakfast before moving on. We drove through the Kirkstone Pass to Windermere and stopped for a coffee. Leaving Windermere we headed to Kendal for a shopping stop. After being chilly last night we popped into B&M and left with a TOG 13.5 duvet, four pillows and a bedding set.

Back in Kelda we drove to Dunsop Bridge for the night. Rather than sticking to the motorway we ducked off early and drove across Quernmore moor. Dropping down through land owned by the Dutchie of Lancashire we arrived in Dunsop Bridge down a single track road. Driving across the single lane humpback bridge we found the car park. Paying the one pound fifty for four hours parking until the free period after five we parked in the corner and put the ticket in the window.

Taking a stroll along the river to the bridge, dodging the sleeping ducks. We came across a few sheep, one of them with big curly horns. After a nice walk and back in Kelda, we made our bed with the new bedding. Looks lush, should get a good night's sleep tonight. We spent the next couple of hours watching people park in the car park and guessing if they were ramblers or dog walkers.

As there was a water tap in the car park we added a few litres to our tank. We are only using it for washing up and toilet flushing until we can clean and sterilise the system at home. For cooking and drinking we have a large five litre bottle of shop brought water.

After a meal of Chilli Chicken Noodles and the last of our cooked chicken, we enjoyed the peace and quiet until the sun set and bed.

Wednesday 17th April 2019

After breakfast we packed up and left our free camp site in Dunsop Bridge. Turning towards the bridge we were suprised to see a fourty foot arctic lorry driving down towards the bridge from the opposite side. We decided discretion was the best policy and stopped well short of the single track bridge. We watched while the driver negotiated the 90 degree turn onto the humpback bridge.

Dunsop Bridge

Once he had cleared the bridge we drove out and onto the M6. After a couple of hours we decided to stop for a break. Rather than stopping at the services Jackie found a nice bakery just off of the motorway. We had a nice bacon sandwich and coffee at Wedges Bakery.

Back on the road we finished the last leg home. Completing our first mini adventure in Kelda.



Saturday 6th April 2019

Two day trip up to Penrith to veiw an Adria Twin motorhome. Visiting friends in Rotherham for the night on the way up.

Saturday 6th April 2019

After a thorough inspection and test drive we shook hands with her current owner and left a deposit to hold the camper.

Wednesday 10th April 2019

HPI Check completed and Insurance arranged.