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Wednesday 17th April 2019

After breakfast we packed up and left our free camp site in Dunsop Bridge. Turning towards the bridge we were suprised to see a fourty foot arctic lorry driving down towards the bridge from the opposite side. We decided discretion was the best policy and stopped well short of the single track bridge. We watched while the driver negotiated the 90 degree turn onto the humpback bridge.

Dunsop Bridge

Once he had cleared the bridge we drove out and onto the M6. After a couple of hours we decided to stop for a break. Rather than stopping at the services Jackie found a nice bakery just off of the motorway. We had a nice bacon sandwich and coffee at Wedges Bakery.

Back on the road we finished the last leg home. Completing our first mini adventure in Kelda.

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Waking up at half seven we ate breakfast before moving on. We drove through the Kirkstone Pass to Windermere and stopped for a coffee. Leaving Windermere we headed to Kendal for a shopping stop. After being chilly last night we popped into B&M and left with a TOG 13.5 duvet, four pillows and a bedding set.

Back in Kelda we drove to Dunsop Bridge for the night. Rather than sticking to the motorway we ducked off early and drove across Quernmore moor. Dropping down through land owned by the Dutchie of Lancashire we arrived in Dunsop Bridge down a single track road. Driving across the single lane humpback bridge we found the car park. Paying the one pound fifty for four hours parking until the free period after five we parked in the corner and put the ticket in the window.

Taking a stroll along the river to the bridge, dodging the sleeping ducks. We came across a few sheep, one of them with big curly horns. After a nice walk and back in Kelda, we made our bed with the new bedding. Looks lush, should get a good night's sleep tonight. We spent the next couple of hours watching people park in the car park and guessing if they were ramblers or dog walkers.

As there was a water tap in the car park we added a few litres to our tank. We are only using it for washing up and toilet flushing until we can clean and sterilise the system at home. For cooking and drinking we have a large five litre bottle of shop brought water.

After a meal of Chilli Chicken Noodles and the last of our cooked chicken, we enjoyed the peace and quiet until the sun set and bed.

Monday 15th April 2019

Collecting "Kelda" today. Martin got dropped off at Junction 40 of the M6 and Jackie heading north on the train to Penrith Station.

Collecting Kelda we paid the last instalment and she was ours. Driving to the supermarket in Penrith and stocked up with food for two days. Continuing on into the Lake District we drove down Ulswater and found a lay-by beside the lake.

We spent the next three hours opening and shutting cupboards and drawers. We then got the gas turned on so we could start the fridge and the heating. How posh, camping with heating. Then it was time for tea and cake.

Tonight's dinner is chicken rolls. Made by Jackie, using the cooked chicken from Morrisons. With the wind howling outside and a veiw out over the lake we settled down for the evening. Martin with a lemonade and Jackie with a chilled Pinot Grigio.

Then it was dark and time for bed. The wind died down at about ten o'clock. With only cheapo sleeping bags it got a bit chilly but we have blown air central heating, ooo nice!

Wednesday 10th April 2019

HPI Check completed and Insurance arranged.

Saturday 6th April 2019

After a thorough inspection and test drive we shook hands with her current owner and left a deposit to hold the camper.

Saturday 6th April 2019

Two day trip up tp Penrith to veiw an Adria Twin motorhome. Visiting friends in Rotherham for the night on the way up.