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Covid-19 Restricted 4 day Coastal Cruise 2021

Monday 30th August 2021

Three days after arriving home in Kelda, we packed our case and locked the house. Driving down to Southampton and into the docks at gate 20. We arrived at the drive-through Covid-19 testing center as it opened. Joining the queue that had already formed, we waited our turn. With our mobile phone number confirmed, we had our Covid-19 nasal swabs done and then drove to the CPS car drop off Lane.

Leaving the car we dropped our case with the porter and took a seat in the terminal. After 30 minutes we got texts to confirm we were covid free. Moving into the green lane we received our medallions and boarded immediately.

Dropping our bags in the cabin (mini-suite) we made our way to Alfredo's Pizzeria for lunch. Relaxing with our pizza and drinks watching the newby cruisers wandering past, lost.

After watching sail away on the Lido deck we showered and changed for dinner. Arriving at our reservation time we were seated and were pounced upon by the maitre d' due to Jackie's allergy. Jackie now has to choose tomorrow's dinner tonight so that it can be carefully prepared, ensuring that there is no cross contamination.

After dinner we caught the late show with Comedian Josh Daniels before retiring for the night.

Tuesday 31st August 2021

A lazy day at sea. Up to the buffet for breakfast. Carrying our food we made our way out to our favorite breakfast spot at the Wake Bar. Leaving the hustle and bustle inside we enjoyed a peaceful breakfast.

Dropping down to the Promenade deck for the ten o'clock trivia, we sat by a window chatting and checking the programme. Jackie was spotted by Aaron and Olivia from Cruise Director's staff who said "We know you, you are on Sky Princess Facebook" woops rumbled.

We did reasonably well in the quiz finishing in second place. Not too bad, we normally finish in the top quarter.

In the evening we attended the Rock Opera stage show. A very good song and dance show with songs from Queen, The Greatest Showman and Operas. Then back to our cabin at midnight.

Wednesday 1st August 2021

After the usual morning of breakfast and trivia, we made our way to the Princess Theatre for an interview with Captain Bye-bye (Tuvo). A very interesting hour covering the captains life and duties on board. In the afternoon trivia we won and our prize was 2 Sky Princess coasters. Brilliant, we need coasters for Kelda, so we were well pleased.

After dinner the evening show was a singer called Phillip Browne. After his first song we thought he sounded familiar. Then he told the story about driving buses in London and auditioning for the Lion King. That was when we realised we had seen him on our cruise to Spain in 2017.

Back in the Princess Live for "Liar Liar" a game show with the cruise staff. A game similar to "Call my Bluff". Three descriptions of the meaning of a word, only one being true. Halfway through the lights flickered, and the captain came on the PA. Seems one of the generators had failed, but as there are two plus several smaller auxiliary generators it wasn't a large problem. Leaving the venue we found all the deck and engineering officers mingling with the passengers, reassuring the nervous ones that everything is fine.

Back in our cabin we watched a film on TV called Nomadland before settling for the night.

Thursday 2nd August 2021

Breakfast in bed egg muffins and tea from room service before getting up for a second breakfast in the buffet.

Trivia followed by coffee and cookies in the Piazza. Then getting seats for the British TV Theme tune competition.

Capacity crowd, standing room only. Still wearing masks and keeping distance from other groups. We did well 17 and the winners scores 18. Close but no cigar.

After lunch, another round of trivia. We did well but didn't want to win as we already had a prize. When we started going through who scored what, we got up to 15 and Martin kept his hand up to say we had scored more. At 17 still going, 18 good. 19 OK, Martin decided to take his hand down at 20 out of 26, figuring the other teams could fight out the win. The quiz master said "Can anyone beat 19, no well done" and we had won. We won six Princess shoe bags.

Back up to our room to get changed for dinner. After dinner we changed into the clothes we are travelling home in and packed our suitcase. Putting the case out for collection we went back down for the "Everything is British" Game Show. We had a great team contest on British trivia and our team led by Aaron won by a handful of points. Then back to our room for the night.

Friday 3rd August 2021

The ship pulled alongside Mayflower jetty in Southampton at 06:45, the warning siren on the gangway woke us 15 minutes early. As we are departing the ship at 08:45 part of group Aqua 6. Being careful not to throw open the curtains as we are alongside, we washed and dressed before going up for breakfast. Saying goodbye to our room steward "Vladimir" we climbed the stairs one last time. A continental breakfast right at the back of the ship with the sun rising through the thin cloud over Southampton.

Dropping back down to the Tea Circle in the Piazza we found a table and chairs to wait until our departure slot.

When it was our turn, we left the ship, found our case and walked to the car. a short drive and we were home After another fantastic cruise.

Covid-19 Drivethrough testing

Our Stateroom, Sky Princess

Our Balcony, Sky Princess

Tea and Scones on our balcony

The View from our balcony

Breakfast in the Wake Bar, Sky Princess